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Preparation makes a beautiful Blog

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Create a blog on the tools provided by google very easy, but the blog pertanyaanya whether we can make money with a good cause, the answer is relative. Some examples of blogs that are as beautiful Sreenshoots below :

Blogger said to appear when both have the link button that is good, and Adsense kredible the place looks, along with affiliate sales from amazone ebay or product itself.
Before we make beautiful and powerful and we need to describe how to sign up with a short blog on blogger .
1.If get a blog has provided the first is we must have the email from both free and prepaid.As a new world on the Internet as we possibly can to try with your free email at gmail, yahoo, or Plaza.
Lists them very easy way you are only filling the form, if it is approved then you will have the email.
Feedback from the service I use gmail gmail remember are the property of the google later we will also have to register in google adsense program
2.Next step is to create a blog with a signup to Create Blogger. make the steps we will be in the next posting.
3.Make have a blog that the blog is beautiful and powerful appear to be using various tools that we will be next.

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